I love the projects and artwork Carsyn brings home from preschool. I love seeing her vision, even thou she normally has to explain to me what it is, ha! I was really excited to see what she's been working on at school for Mother's Day, because she has been talking about it for a while now.

Yesterday, after her Spring Musical at Settle, she couldn't wait to give her gift to me. Now, I love everything she gives me, but this gift was extra special. I love it!

How cute is this apron?!? The monogramming was completely unexpected and I think the hand-print flower is adorable! Although I loooove my apron, my favorite part is the paper with her answers about me on it. Here are some of my favorite responses:

My Mom is 20 years old.

My Mom weighs 20 pounds.

My Mom cooks the best grilled cheese. (I do make a mean one, ha!)

My Mom laughs when I fall off my plastic horse.

My Mom and I like to play together.

My Mom's favorite food is salad. (Hahahaha.... we all know I don't eat salad, ha!)


I can't get enough of these gifts. Who needs expensive gifts? Not this Momma, I can tell you that. This is one that I'll look back on year after year, and it'll make me smile and laugh then, just as much as it does now.

Happy Mother's Day,  y'all!

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