Yesterday our church hosted Baby Dedication Day.  We decided as a family it would be a blessing to dedicate Charlotte.  Not so much!The weekend started off rough and ended with a bang.  Charlotte has already started the terrible 2's process and she acts like she is in a competition to be the worst one yet!

Our family was very excited to be dedicating Charlotte in front of our entire church congregation.  I dressed her in all white she was the epitome of an Angel right here on earth until she unleashed her fury on everyone.  It started in the parking lot before we walked in when she and I got into a shouting match while taking a picture.


It just went downhill from there.


These are the only pictures I could even get.  She honestly just wanted to run around with the other kids in the back of the church.  Pictures interrupted her day.


While this little girl may be a handful she is our handful and we totally love her.  Our home would not be right without her.


Thank goodness I don't pretend to have perfect children.  I know lots of moms and dads feel our pain!


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