First of all, Happy Mother's Day! I kept thinking about a story I could tell about my Mom and I think I came up with the perfect one, well, one of them. 

Okay, I'm going to steal from The Goldbergs and set up the scene with "it was 1980-something" because I can't remember the exact year. I want to say it was the mid, but more than likely, the late 80's.

If you grew up in Ohio County, you know the county fair, held every year out at the county park and fairgrounds, was an absolute blast back then. Big rides, lots of rides, food, two big exhibit buildings, a mud bog pit, horse shows, pageants, and some big time giveaways.

One of the giveaways back in the day was for $1,000. All the tickets would go into this big wheel made out of chicken wire that would mix them all up. They would keep the wheel in a tented area next to the amphitheater.

This was one of the first years the Vertigo was on the midway. The Vertigo is a mini-roller coaster that goes around and around, slow at first, then it builds and builds until this siren goes off when it's at breakneck speed. Everyone had to ride it and ride it multiple times. I can't remember who I was on the Vertigo with, maybe family, but I could see Mom and a friend trying to get our attention as the ride made its unending revolutions.

From what I remember, she was really happy and screaming "I won!" I didn't get what she was trying to say right away but when I did, the ride got faster and I screamed my lungs out, out of joy for Mom.

Yes, my Mom's numbers/ticket was picked out of the big chicken wire wheel; so exciting. I don't think I put a lot of thought into what Mom would do with the money, but I can show you where it went.


Yep, all or most of Mom's winnings went toward new cabinets for the kitchen, so her. Thank you all for letting me share this special story, now go call your Mom!

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