Owensboro Dog Looks Like ALF From The 80's TV Show
If you were an 80's kid you remember the show ALF.  Where this "Alien Life Form" shows up at this family's house and they basically adopt him because his planet blew up.  Well, we found a pup that looks just like him.
Angel here and last week Joe and I were havin…
Adopt An Animal From The Nashville Zoo
Did you know you can actually adopt an animal from the Nashville Zoo?
So, you don't actually get to roll up out of the zoo with a tiger or anything but you can symbolically adopt one of many animals in the Nashville Zoo and help support them while they live and thrive...
Bullet, Sadie and Asher are Looking for a Rescue
To say that this pup family has lived a tough life is an understatement. They aren't available for adoption, but we need to find a rescue to take them in. They have a lot healing to do after the trauma that they've faced. It's time for them to find their fur-ever family and start a ne…

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