Exciting news from Centre Court here in Owensboro.  The indoor tennis facility has been selected to host the KY-ANA Pickleball Series Tournament in April of 2019!

According to a press release from the City of Owensboro, "KY-ANA is a bi-state tournament held in Indiana and Kentucky alternating years. The tournament is anticipated to draw more than 200 players from 20 states and Canada."

Now, in case you're not sure what pickleball is or how you play, check this out!

The 2019 KY-ANA Pickleball Series Tournament is presented by Dink Pickleball, a tournament and event management company that manages pickleball events throughout the US.  We're very excited to announce the first event of this kind here in Owensboro.  And we're pleased to welcome an estimated 200 players to the area and, specifically, Centre Court!

Centre Court of Owensboro hosts pickleball play weekly and offers clinics that include skill drills for all skill levels . . . from beginner to advanced.  Paddles are available at the facility if you would like to try the sport.

For more information on the event or to register contact Beth Merchant at ccpickleclub@gmail.com or you can call Centre Court at 270-240-4213.



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