In just under one month, the doors are going to open to Owensboro's brand new tennis facility, Centre Court.  And, recently, I had a chance to meet with Josh Whitman, the Director of Tennis for the brand new Center.  As some of you all likely know, I am a huge tennis fan and I have played the sport nearly my whole life.  So, Josh and I decided to meet, chat about the new center and hit around some.  Check it out!

After our introductions, Josh and I decided to put the rackets to work.  Now, I have to be honest.  The video is going to look a bit like the U.S. Open meets The Blair Witch Project, but you'll get the idea.  And warning, I make Maria Sharapova sound like a mime.

To get more information about Centre Court, Owensboro's exciting new state-of-the-art tennis facility expected to open March 15th, CLICK HERE!  I can tell you, from decades of personal experience, that tennis is an amazing sport and an awesome way to stay active and fit.  And if you've ever wanted to take lessons and learn the game, Josh Whitman is the guy who can help you.

Welcome to Owensboro, Josh!  And I'll see you soon on Centre Court.


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