This morning at the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce Rooster Booster breakfast, I will be unveiling the latest installment of my video series, Chamber Danger.  And this one took place at Ozone Laser Tag on Triplett Street in Owensboro.  I recruited Jaclyn to be on my team for the shoot and here's a sneak preview of what to expect when we release the video.  Behold.  Rambo and Rambette!  LOL!

Don't let that pretty smile fool you.  Jaclyn was the best marksman, or markswoman, on our team.  She had the high score in both rounds . . . even though she consistently shot her own teammates.  WATCH!  This woman is a ruthless hunter.  She will gun you down whether your foe or friend.

Even though she shot me and our team got annihilated by the team from the Chamber of Commerce, Jaclyn and I managed to salvage our friendship and walk away from Ozone a unified front.

I survived Goldie's (that's the only camouflage shirt I own), Ozone Laser Tag, and that silly glitter head band!