Even now, he KNOWS what you're thinking!  THE AMAZING KRESKIN is coming to the RiverPark Center in downtown Owensboro on Sunday, October 9th!  Earlier this week, Jaclyn and I had the chance to chat with Kreskin about his show and what he has in store for us.  In addition to being one the nation's most famous "mentalists," Kreskin is really cool and was a total blast to meet and chat with.  Take a listen as he explains one of the staples of his show!  Yep!  This man is so confident in his ability to read minds, he lets members of the audience hide his paycheck.  Then, by diving deep into their minds, HE FINDS IT! 

Tickets for THE AMAZING KRESKIN are just $17.50 and are on sale NOW at the RiverPark Center Box Office and online at RiverPark.org!  You can also charge-by-phone at (270) 687-2787.

For a sneak peak at KRESKIN'S amazing powers, check out the video below.  Kreskin goes head-to-head with Fox News' Mike Huckabee and his audience and knocks their socks off!

And be sure to check out the 2008 film The Great Buck Howard, which is based on Kreskin and his life and career in the entertainment world.  And, be on the lookout for Conversations with Kreskin, a brand new book written by Kreskin and Michael McCarty!

I'm sure you'll agree . . . Kreskin is AMAZING!!!