As you guys know, Holiday World is #1 for family fun!  But I'm not sure I have ever had as much fun as I did last week when I took Sam the Intern over to Santa Claus and cut him loose at Holiday World!  We rode roller coasters, the bumper cars, the Liberty Launch and even had time to take in a friendly (or not-so friendly) game of Skee Ball!  And, the best part of it all, WE HAVE VIDEO!!!  Ladies and gents, I present to you . . . Sam's Safari to Holiday World!  Fasten your seatbelt (I had to!).  It was a bumpy ride!  LOL!

After getting strapped into the bumper cars, it was magic time.  Or, at least it was supposed to be magic time.  But, as you'll see, it took Sam quite a while to find the gas pedal and get our little bumper car bumpin'.  And, after we got the car bumpin', it didn't take long for Sam to cause a 25-car pile-up!  This looked like something out of a Final Destination movie.

Even though Sam is a terrible driver, he was a brave passenger.  The first ride we rode when we got to Holiday World was The Raven.  Sam groaned through the whole thing and I really thought I was close to getting peed on.  But, apparently he really liked it.  After getting off that coaster, Sam said he was ready to move up to a bigger version!  So, we tackled The Legend!

And, yes!  I really had to ride with my arms around Sam.  And I screamed stuff like "Big hill, Sam!"  "We're about to turn to the left, Sam!"  "Right turn, Sam!"  "Ooh, your armpits are really sweaty, Sam!"  I think he was truly terrified and he made weird noises the whole time, but he seemed pretty pumped about his trip on The Legend!  Watch . . .

So, after riding The Legend and bailing on The Voyage (because he magically turned into a wimp!), Sam decided that he wanted to have the feeling of being catapulted into space!  So, we strapped into the Liberty Launch and let 'er rip!

After the Liberty Launch (where, yes, I rode with two blind guys!  That was Danny from Terre Haute!), Sam pretty much had his fill of rides!  So, we decided to stop off at the Skee Ball Pavilion for a smackdown!  Now, as you all may remember, Sam has the quite a storied history with sports that require one to roll a ball.  Two years ago at Susan G. Komen's Bowl For The Cure, Sam actually beat Dave Spencer by 40 pins.  Not kidding.  The blind guy rocks at bowling.  Who knew?  But could his skill translate to Skee Ball, where stuffed animals and prize tickets were on the line?

So, there you have it.  Chad and Sam's video diary from our awesome day at Holiday World and Splashin' Safari!  Sam, like always, was hilarious and an awesome sport.  Come to think of it . . . I was an awesome sport.  What was I thinking?  I rode in the bumper cars and let a blind guy drive!  It's bad enough Sam's always thwacking me in the knees and shins with that walking stick of his.  And what do I do?  I give him the chance to drive me head-first into a wall!!    Who's the genius??  People don't try this at home . . .