2024 Owensboro Burger Week was a record-breaking year. Bigger and better than ever, 40 local restaurants participated by concocting creative and innovative takes on the beloved burger.

From March 1st- 9th, crews cranked out thousands of these $7 specials as foodies from all over the area swarmed to enjoy culinary delights. It was so much fun seeing old friends and making new ones as we made the rounds to try as many as we could. I made it to 16 burgers and Chad tried a whopping 32! Here is a highlight reel of Day One:

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Official Burger Week Judging

For the official judging, two panels of judges are chosen from a diverse cross-section of "experts." They aren't told what burgers come from which restaurants. When the orders are placed, the restaurants also don't know they are making the burger for judging. This is to hopefully ensure quality across the board no matter who tries it. Judges have a ranking system with something like 107 trillion possible outcomes overall.

The German American Bank "People's Choice" Voting


I'm not gonna lie, I have always felt a little FOMO that I am not on that panel of distinguished judges. Of course, everyone has different tastes, but from the burgers I was able to sample, it was REALLY hard to pick a favorite! This year, for the first time, thanks to sponsor German American Bank, the community could vote for "The People's Choice." Each restaurant had a QR code that burger customers could scan and cast their votes. With only one vote per person, we had to make it count!


Owensboro Burger Week 2024 People's Choice Winner

This was the first year the community got to join in the fun of selecting a winner. Proudly sponsored by German American Bank, this trophy goes to a restaurant that absolutely slayed their very first Burger Week. It wasn't their first competition though, in 2022 they were named Best Breakfast in Owensboro. Kim's Diner on 18th Street can now add the inaugural 2024 Owensboro Burger Week "People's Choice" trophy to their shelf.

This was without a doubt one of my favorite burgers I tried, so I'm not surprised at all. Perfectly seasoned, three juicy and crispy meats, and the pickles added a brightness that complimented that FIRE BBQ sauce. How I ever lived without it I will never know, but I need a bottle ASAP. I'm honestly sad I may never get to eat it again as most Burger Week burgers are a one-time-only special.

Kim's Diner "Big Daddy's BBQ Burger"

"Fresh ground beef patty with two pieces of cheese, bacon, BBQ pulled pork, grilled onions, and pickles on a bun featuring Joshua Taylor's incredible sauce."

Owensboro Burger Week
Owensboro Burger Week


I saw folks all over social media singing their praises. Kim's small but mighty crew served 3,428 Big Daddy's BBQ Burgers!! Absolutely incredible. Not only do they make great food, the service is lovely as well. We felt like family from the moment we walked in. I can't wait to go back and try more of their menu. I hope you'll do the same!

Here's a look at all of the delicious burgers served up for Owensboro Burger Week 2024. Congratulations to every participating restaurant. Thank you for sharing your creativity and hard work with the community!

2024 Owensboro Burger Week Burgers

That’s right, Owensboro! Burger Week is BACK and BIGGER than ever before! You now have NINE days to try all the beefy goodness that Owensboro has to offer.

Now here is the exciting part- one price! $7 for every burger you try! This gives you an unbelievable chance to not only get your favorite burger, but try so many more at some restaurants that traditionally don’t even serve burgers.

Owensboro is known for BBQ, but can those BBQ restaurants do burgers? What about burgers from some of our Mexican restaurants? This week is an epic showdown of burger awesomeness.
Who will have the best burger in 2024? A distinguished panel of self-proclaimed burger experts will blind taste test to determine one champion. Plus, stay tuned for a social media contest during Owensboro Burger Week. Hint, the more burgers you eat, the better chance you have at a prize!


Gallery Credit: Chadwick J Benefield

Owensboro Burger Week 2024 Continues!

Here are the delicious burgers we've tried so far. It's gonna be hard to pick a favorite!

Gallery Credit: Mary-Katherine Maddox

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