The moral of today's story is don't mess with Tad.  He can actually fume and blow steam just like a volcano. LOL!  All week long here on WBKR, we are celebrating the fact that Splashin' Safari has been voted the #1 waterpark in the world by Trip Advisor.  That is a huge honor and, quite honestly, Splashin' Safari deserves the high praise.  And kudos to the folks who post on Trip Advisor for getting it right.  Because I love to travel and do it a bunch, I use Trip Advisor frequently to book trips and excursions for me and my friends.  Until recently, I had never joined the Trip Advisor community as a contributor.  But then, I encountered a tour company in St. Lucia who committed a gigantic no-no!  And I vowed to take them down!

You'll get the full story when you read my Trip Advisor review about Son of Man Tours in St. Lucia, but I want to first give you a brief history of what happened and share some of the highlights from my review and how we got here.

This is St. Lucia! It's SUPPOSED to be peaceful and relaxing.
This is St. Lucia! It's SUPPOSED to be peaceful and relaxing.

My problems with Son of Man Tours started almost immediately.  After booking a trip around the island for four people, I quickly realized the geniuses who work there conveniently charged my credit card twice the amount they were supposed to.  Despite multiple calls to the island (and tons of long distance charges on my cell phone), I could never get the office staff to credit my account, though they promised me repeatedly they would.  This went on for months.  So, finally, I had enough and decided to wage war against them online and with help from my credit card company.  Here are some of my favorite passages from my delightful review.

I started off with a bang.  What do you think about this?

Let me begin by restating what I said in the title of this post so no one misunderstands me.   Do NOT book a tour with Son of Man Tours. They are THIEVES!

Do you think my readers immediately got the message?  Lol!  Do you think they were drawn in?  Check out this passage . . .

My charges were nearly $1,000.00. I caught the mistake immediately when I checked my credit card balance. I instantly phoned Son of Man Tours and was told, by the manager, that I would receive a credit and that it would take a couple of days to post back to my account.

That, my friends, was the understatement of 2012!! I checked my card balance again . . . no credit. Again, no credit. Again, no credit. When Pavlov's dogs repeated certain behaviors, they were rewarded. I was repeating certain behaviors and apparently Pavlov had just run out of Pupperoni or, more importantly, MY money!

Then, I got to share my thoughts about one of the most ridiculous aspects of this whole nonsensical process . . . the advice that I meet someone at the pier in St. Lucia and they would just give me a cash refund when they saw me.  Sound sketchy enough for you?

Excuse me??? What? I am supposed to meet you at the port in a foreign land for a hand-to-hand cash exchange? Seriously?? I am pretty sure I have no intentions of living an episode of "Dexter" so that's a big fat "NO!"

Now, you guys and gals know, I am a pretty laid back guy.  I try to greet everyone with a smile and treat everyone with courtesy and respect.  Well, almost everyone.  But these schmocks had it coming.  And I let them have it in a forum where I knew the world would see it.

If you want to read my full review of Son of Man Tours in St. Lucia, CLICK HERE! I promise.  It's worth the read.  Hundreds and hundreds of travelers around the world have read my review and, hopefully, have paid attention.


And, my advice, to you is this.  If you're traveling somewhere in the States of abroad, use Trip Advisor as a resource.  You can tell a lot about a company and how they do business when you pay close attention to what their customers and guests have to say about them.

That's why it's a HUGE honor that Trip Advisor users have named Splashin' Safari the #1 waterpark in the world.  Congratulations, Holiday World.  You guys rock!  As for Son of Man Tours in St. Lucia?  They still suck!


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