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Stay At Yellowstone's Dutton Ranch
One of the most popular shows on the television screen right now is Yellowstone.  The setting a gorgeous Montana ranch, you know the type of place that most think can literally only be found on TV or in your dreams.  We just recently found out that you can actually stay right there on the …
Top Owensboro Hotels
Summer is upon us and here comes the in-laws for vacation! Do you need to recommend a nice hotel in the area to make their stay more comfortable? Trip Advisor ranked the Top 10 Hotels in Owensboro based on customers reviews!
Best O'sboro Restaurants
I've dined at all the locations listed as the "Best Restaurants in Owensboro on" and I agree with...well, most of the selections! Some surprises are on and off the list for sure.
Chad's Trip Advisor Takedown
The moral of today's story is don't mess with Tad.  He can actually fume and blow steam just like a volcano. LOL!  All week long here on WBKR, we are celebrating the fact that Splashin' Safari has been voted the #1 waterpark in the world by Trip Advisor.  That is a huge honor and, quite honestly, Sp…