This is hilarious!  My great nephew Caiden played t-ball this summer and, for the most part, enjoyed it.  However, he absolutely hated his team's jersey.  Caiden is no fan of the color green.  And, much to his dismay, his team jerseys were bright green.  So, when it came time to pose for the official team photo, Caiden wasn't having it.  He let the camera and his teammates know know just how much he disliked the team shirt.  And he did it by wrecking the team photo.  Check this out!


LOL!!!  Yep.  That's Caiden . . . second from the left.  He didn't bother to smile, didn't bother to fake it or pretend.  He just growled at the camera and made the worst face possible.  All the other kids on the team look perfectly content.  Caiden, on the other hand, looks like he needs some sort of t-ball exorcism.

What can I say?  The people in my family make no bones about it when they don't agree with something.  And Caiden gets it honestly.  He thinks the color green sucks and let everyone know it.  From his place on the field, that team shirt is a strike out.

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