Mark, Susan and Jonah Schell have created quite a birthday tradition here at WBKR.  When I turned 43, they brought in a gigantic game board . . . that featured 43 empty cottage cheese containers (because I hate, hate, hate cottage cheese). I had to open each container to unveil a variety of birthday presents.  Some I loved.  Some, like packets of mustard, I just stood in horror at.  Well, this year, the Schells grabbed 400 yards of Saran Wrap and brought in a gigantic ball of presents.  And it took me over an hour to get to the main gift hidden deep inside!


Thanks to the Schells for another memorable birthday surprise/challenge.  And thanks to my coworkers who were kind enough to pick up all the cotton balls (because I can't touch them) and the industrial-strength Hoover vacuum that sucked all the glitter and confetti off the floor.

And, now, for the next year, I get to ponder . . . what the heck will happen when I turn 46!