This Lansing, Michigan TV news station has a great sense of humor. During last night's broadcast, the producer left up the green screen a little too long, and the rest is comedic gold. This is one of the best news bloopers around. Watch for yourself!

WLNS Sheri Jones via Facebook Video/CANVA
WLNS Sheri Jones via Facebook Video/CANVA


Call a plumber! It looks like a very serious leak at WLNS-TV in my home state. As viewers looked on during last night's broadcast, they got a laugh they never expected! As the oblivious anchors Sheri Jones and Chivon Kloepfer were giving the news, the producer left the green screen visual up by accident while they were live on television. When they threw it to the weatherman he was hysterically laughing unbeknownst why to the two anchors. The station manager, who was at home watching the broadcast, was as well. After the video was posted on social media today, the comments started pouring in, and they're amazing!

"Nothing wrong with a little humor in the news … Sheri, Chivon, and David always have a good time during the news … but this was the greatest thing ever." - Linda L. Crowe


Watch the video yourself, and I promise you'll laugh out loud!

The joys of live TV. Reminded me of Will and Grace when Grace's bra did spring a leak. Life’s great when you can join in the laughter! - Anne Grover Lewis

Sheri, are you lactating???!!! - Claudia Ottinger

Lactating? That's a waterfall!

Noooooo!!! Hilarious!!! Way to own it — sometimes we just have to laugh!!! - Chris Gillespie

Laughter IS the best medicine. This is priceless.

We saw it last night and it certainly was hilarious!! We have to agree it's probably the funniest thing ever on live TV. And poor Chivon and David trying to NOT laugh. A great way to end the day. - Kay Guild

Sheri Jones proves, "Sometimes You Gotta Just Go With The Flow."

This has to go viral!! - Jenette Sanderson

We couldn't agree more!

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