Ah, the empty TP roll, such a source of frustration and sometimes, desperation. I'm sure you know the saying, "now I've seen everything" and I think it's the appropriate description for the new "Forever Roll" of toilet paper from Charmin. 

When the company released its triple rolls, my mind was blown. The idea with the Forever Roll is to save you money, as in buying in bulk. However, the company is also aiming at those who live on their own (party of one right here!) or millennials.

Yes, Charmin will provide you with a stand, screw in mount, or adhesive mount that will be able to hold this massive industrial-sized roll. By the way, the tp is their Ultra Soft 2-ply. The other rub, pun intended, you can only buy the Forever Roll and accessories online. aka via their subscription service.

My brother-in-law is a Charmin stan (big fan) and as much time as he spends in his "office", I think he would appreciate this. It wouldn't even begin to fit in my tiny bathroom. Just think of the novel you could write on this roll.

So, massive toilet paper rolls anyone?

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