Is there anything more nostalgic than the sound of an ice cream truck? If you are of a certain age, you have a memory of playing outside and hearing the sound of a tinkling nursery rhyme song get louder as you run inside to beg your parents for money. I was always a Bomb Pop gal, myself, but when I wasn't, I went for something chocolate-covered.

In 2022, the ice cream treat company, Klondike, broke all of our hearts when they decided to discontinue the beloved choco taco, an ice cream truck staple. They cited too much demand for their other products which they needed to steer focus and funds toward.

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The public outcry over the announcement was overwhelming. Luckily the squeaky wheel often gets the grease. Or the ice cream in this case. Klondike recently gave a statement to People Magazine,


"We knew the Choco Taco was a fan favorite, and the decision to discontinue the product was a tough one to make. The overwhelming support for Choco Taco has certainly made us reconsider our long-term plans. The team is working on a plan to bring it back, though it may take some time. There are currently no definite timelines for bringing the Choco Taco back."

So while we all patiently await the return to stores, Taco Bell is partnering with a Portland-based ice creamery to bring back their version of the Choco Taco that sounds DELICIOUS. Salt & Straw is the name of the company and their head maker was at Taco Bell's Live Más Live to announce what we can expect this summer to all scoop shops and online for nationwide shipping.

"Hand-pressed waffle cones, fresh-made cinnamon ancho ice cream dipped in single-origin chocolate and studded with toasted brown rice. Served with three custom sauce packets and a tangy cheesecake dip."


Yep! They'll also have special sauce packets just like regular tacos at Taco Bell, except with flavors like chocolate chili, cinnamon wild berry, and mango jalapeno. Could these possibly be even better than the OG Choco Tacos? Follow Salt & Straw on social media for more information about the release this summer 2024.


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