It started with a man's love for macaroni and cheese and then evolved into a friendly prank that's been providing motorists with a good laugh in Covington KY.

A guy named Jonathan Pittman was watching his friend chow down on some mac and cheese when he got the idea to purchase a big old billboard to "pay tribute" to his friend's favorite food. And let me tell you, this was a VERY expensive prank.

I spoke with Lamar Advertising, which owns the billboard at the corner of West 3rd and Bakewell Streets in Covington, and they informed me that a standard-sized billboard typically runs about $1500. Other sources are saying Pittman was out more than $1200 for the billboard, the copy on the billboard, and for the four weeks the billboard will be up.

Either way, that is one expensive prank, even IF you can't put a price tag on laughter.

Who is this mystery man that consumes his liquid cheese and why is there a billboard of him in Ludlow with no other explanation?
byu/Smuggler17 incincinnati

In case you're wondering where exactly this billboard is, let's just say the employees at that Taco Bell aren't the only hands handing out the cheese these days.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Yes, I know that's an advertisement for White Castle, but Pittman did only pay for a four-week run, and unless those mysterious Google Maps photographers get there quickly, you won't see it in a search like the one I did.

By the way, you have to check the comments; it seems someone thought the billboard was purchased by members of the Fantasy Football League. There were all KINDS of fun guesses.

But now we know the truth, and I hope the man in the picture--whoever he is--enjoys his cheese.

[SOURCE: WCPO-Cincinnati]

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