It's Girl Scout Cookie season and I can't even tell you how much I am looking forward to tearing into a box of Samoas. I freaking love those cookies and always order multiple boxes.  Samoas have been my favorite cookies since I first tasted them as a kid and then quickly developed an addiction to them.

But my love for the Girl Scout Cookies doesn't end there. I am also obsessed with Tagalongs (an infectious combination of chocolate and peanut butter) and Thin Mints. In fact, go ahead and clear some space in the freezer because that's exactly where the Thin Mints are going when I get them.  Thin Mints are great on their own, but frozen Thin Mints are sent from heaven.

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You're likely right there with me. If you've ever had a Girl Scout Cookie, you know they're incredibly addictive. I suppose it's a good thing we can only order them once a year.

In a fun new twist for 2023, he "addictive" properties of the beloved Girl Scout Cookies have captured the attention of the Choctaw Police Department in Oklahoma. Officials there just posted a warning about the cookies (and their dealers) on their Facebook page.

This is inspired!

Okay, that's hysterical. And, I'll admit it.  I get lured in and hooked every single time Girl Scout Cookie season rolls around. As a matter of fact, it has occurred to me that my usual "dealers" haven't contacted me yet this season.

Uh, hello!  I need my Girl Scout Cookies!! And I don't need just one box. I may need two or three or five.


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