Sometimes the stars align and everything falls into place to help someone who’s always helping others. That’s exactly what happened when a 10 year old little girl wrote into Christmas Wish about her very special Nana.

When this letter came into Christmas Wish one of the volunteers read it and said I HAD to take a look. A few things caught my eye right away. I couldn't believe a 10 year old little girl and her sisters took the time to hand write this letter. It was a whole page long and very thoughtfully written. It touched my heart that they loved their Nana and Papa this much and took the time to send it to Christmas Wish. Also, Nana is amazing! She takes care of these three precious girls, her own Mother and her Brother who needs special medical care. When Nana needs a small break she loves to spend time on her porch, but it's not covered and it bothers the girls so their one request was to have a small roof put over it. They wanted nothing for themselves, only a small roof over the porch for Nana. Christmas Wish doesn't build new roofs, but I got to wondering. Who do I know that would love to tackle this? So I made a call to a friend.

****Some of the letter is missing as it includes names, phone number, etc.****

I called Adam Patterson, the owner of Ohio Valley Roofing, told him the story, emailed him the letter and he called me back within five minutes and said he was all in! Before Christmas the roofing team showed up to assess the job and dropped off some Christmas gifts to the girls. Last week the roof went up and Nana got the roof of her dreams! Nana said that when we called her in December she "thought it was a joke", but when the roofers showed up her heart almost stopped and she had no words. Thank you so much to Ohio Valley Roofing for making Nana's dreams come true!