Whether you're a local, you've moved away or someone who wants to visit, you can find out everything that's happening in Owensboro live on YouTube!

The City of Owensboro has been streaming live on owensboro.org for a while, but now they're streaming live on YouTube for the world to see!


Leslie Neeley, with the City of Owensboro, said, " the ultimate goal is to reach as many people as possible and this was a great way to do it." She went on to say, "not everyone has access to Cable Channel 75 so this is the best way to the let residents know about events happening in our community."

I think Owensboro is a wonderful place to live and I love this idea!

There's so much valuable information like where to drop off recycling, neighborhood alliance information, events, what to do in case of emergency, find interesting facts about our city and so much more!

You can live stream here:

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