Almost everyday of my adult life, I've consumed some sort of carbonated soda pop. Let's not get into what a consumer in this part of the country or that part of the country calls it. I call it "Coke" or "pop", no other alternatives thank you. In other words, I don't care what color the Coke can is, I'm drinking it. However, when Coca-Cola rolled out its white cans for the holiday season in support of the Arctic polar bears, you know, the ones who are always depicted in Coke's holiday commercials? Like this:

Consumers got confused. Some thought they were buying Diet Coke, and I say that's a fair mistake and some have said the drink itself tasted different in the white can. Yesterday, before the story broke, I bought a twelve-pack of Coke in a red box, but I'm pretty sure it's the new white cans. Thus, I haven't tasted it yet. By the way, drinking Coke everyday is not the best way to consume calories, and I've been buying Coke Zero for the last year. My naive whim--and guilty pleasure- may turn out to be a valuable collector's item someday. Fingers crossed!

What do you think? Does can color matter when it comes to pop? Or was Coca-Cola's heart in the right place? Come on, it's about saving the real polar bears! Or do you prefer the Santa can?


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