Who doesn't love pickles? I know Chad does not, anyway, the pickle can be a versatile vegetable. I'm more partial to the dill pickle. It's salty and it can have a crunch. Sweet pickles are more of an acquired taste. For taste testing, it's the good old dill pickle I'm dealing with and how a new/old drink is sweeping TikTok right now.

A few years ago, I tried the pickle juice slushie at Sonic:

I had forgotten Mom asked if it had a watermelon-like taste; maybe it was the combination of flavors that gave it the sweetness. Who knows? And I was the second person to order one?!? Another Sonic just opened a couple of weeks ago in town, but I got the impression several people have tried, Dr. Pepper and pickles.

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I came across the story about what is being called a "viral on TikTok" situation, and I had to know more. I'm sure you've seen or tasted a Coke or RC with peanuts. After all these years, believe it or not, I still haven't tried the Southern tradition. Dr. Pepper with pickles is another popular drink in the South. So, I had to try it for myself.


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I need to mention the pickles become more prominent as you get closer to finishing it and there's more saltiness. Pickles don't dissolve you know. No doubt, this has also befuddled some Sonic employees. All I can say is, if you order it here, I guarantee no side-eyes. Enjoy!

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