ERMAHGERD!  I had to pop in the Kroger two nights ago for a Caesar salad mix and some garlic bread.  Because I have no will power when it comes to the temptation of dessert, I also zipped down the freezer aisle because I was craving ice cream.  AND. LOOK. WHAT. I. FOUND!!

Okay, full confession.  When I was a kid (like most kids), I loved cereal.  The sweeter the better.  And Cocoa Pebbles and Fruit Pebbles are among my all-time favorites, right alongside Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops. So, imagine my surprise when I stumbled across these two beauties in the freezer section.

Yes!  You read those containers correctly. Those are Post-endorsed ice creams inspired by Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles and they're in a grocery store near you.

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Now, another full confession.  I freaked out when I saw these, threw the door open and immediately started taking photos for this story.  And, then I stood at the freezer door trying to decide which one I was going to get for dessert.  But then, in typical "cheap Chad" mode, I noticed they were $4.99 a quart and weren't on sale like virtually every other brand of ice cream.  As tempted as I was by the lure of the Pebbles, I walked away because they weren't on sale.  LOL!  But don't think for a second that I am not going to be scanning my digital coupons for it.  As soon as those things go on sale, Chad Pebbles is going to pounce.

By the way, this is the 50th anniversary of Pebbles cereal.  The cereals and I are nearly the same age.  See?  We were destined to be forever intertwined.  Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles were launched on October 20th, 1971.  I was launched just weeks later on November 5th and I have been Yabba-Dabba-Doing since.

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