Haunted house/haunted attraction traffic is about to pick up considerably across the Commonwealth. How many of THESE do you plan to visit?

Seriously, this is quite a list.

And, in fact, one of them is among the BEST one I've ever visited. It's called the Hollow of Unrest in tiny Bonnieville and is mostly outdoors.

We're talking fog machines, cornfields, assailants in cornfields.

An absolute blast.

We also have Skeleton's Lair Scream Park near Bowling Green, which features four attractions in one--including the Doomsday Doll Factory, which sounds amazing.

A warning is attached for those who visit Ashcamp Haunted Attractions. It is NOT for the faint of heart.

SCREAMPARK in Lexington features three terrifying attractions in one while Haunted Trails of Whispering Woods in nearby Georgetown offers up a haunted hayride through the woods to Maudy May's Old Cabin. That already sounds unsettling.

What about Asylum 99 in Scottsville? It's a haunted hospital. 'Nuff said.

Not far from Scottsville is Horse Cave. That's where you'll find the Cave of Fear. And, yep, it's in a cave...which means it's UNDERGROUND! Awesome.

Danger Run in Louisville is kind of a twist on the haunted house format, in that it's a scavenger hunt in which you have to find clues that lead you to TWO incredibly scary haunted houses. Clever idea.

Now, here's one that's based on a true story. It's called The Deatherage Icehouse.

According to its page,

"In 1947, a brilliant but tempestuous businessman was able to fund and open an industrial ice business in Louisville, Kentucky. The company was in operation for just over two years, ending in a bloody massacre that has been swept under the rug of Louisville history for years. This is the story of Steven E. Deatherage."

There are several others on the list that are located in eastern Kentucky, but, hey, if you're a haunted house fanatic, I doubt it would take much arm-twisting for you to go.

Happy Halloween!

I mean, Happy Halloween Season!

(Because that's what it's become.)




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