I lived right around the corner from Cornell's Restaurant on New Hartford Road when I was growing up.

It was one of Owensboro's best restaurants, but it's been gone a very long time. I think I was in middle school or early high school when it closed and became The Waffle Iron.

My family LOVED Cornell's and, honestly, what was not to love. The menu was pure home-cooking magic.

And Cornell's had the BEST chocolate milk I've ever tasted and I haven't found its equal since, no matter how hard I've tried. And I've taste-tested all over the country.

Well, Kathy Cornell Baumbusch, whose family owned the restaurant, put up a post on Facebook on the History of Owensboro site. And she's asking for folks to share their memories.


It was a sad day when Cornell's closed. Talk about the end of an era.

What are your memories of Cornell's?

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