I was driving back from Nashville last week and stopped off at the Wendy's location at the Pilot Truck Stop in Franklin, Kentucky.  When I pulled up to the drive-thru window, I noticed an advertisement for the T-Rex!  You won't believe this burger!!

Could you eat this?


You're reading this correctly.  The T-Rex features nine beef patties and nine cheese slices, plus whatever condiments you want to go on top of it.  The sandwich will cost you about $20!

Yes, the Wendy's location in Franklin is serving them and an employee told me that they've actually been selling them.   Can you believe it?  Customers are actually trying to tackle the T-Rex!  And while my source admitted that he's never seen anybody finish the sandwich, people have certainly tried.

Wendy's actually rolled this burger out a few years ago and the general feeling was that it was just urban legend.  But the T-Rex is real and a lot of YouTubers have tried to tame the beast.

I suppose if you're feeling frisky, you can drive to the Wendy's in Franklin and try out the T-Rex for yourself.  Or you can contact local Wendy's locations and see if they'll build one for you.  Just get ready to unhinge your jaw and get a little prehistoric!  This is one "Jurassic" burger.

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