So what do you think? I'm 6'5" tall. Don't you think a house that only offers 315 square feet of space would be PERFECT for me?

Or maybe it should just be my shoe.

Seriously, this tiny house--built in 1940--is on the market in South Bend, Indiana. So, if you're a big Notre Dame fan and you REALLY want to downsize, this may be the house for you.

And as you'll see when you look through the gallery, it's quite the fixer-upper.

Bring Tilex. And lots of it. (Seriously, though, it wouldn't take long to clean this place up, at all.)

Hey, if you got $29K lying around, start packing. Take a look and crank up your imagination. The potential here is insane.

[UPDATE, July 2021: The house has been sold.]


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