When you schedule an outdoor event for any part of November, you keep your fingers crossed. Well, Kelli Rae Chapman Grant must be an expert at it.

I say this because her Crafty Christmas event is happening this weekend and is an outdoor event AND we are expecting temperatures in the upper 70s.

Yes, I'd guess it's a strange sight to see someone shopping for Christmas items while wearing shorts, but don't rule it out.

Crafty Christmas is happening tomorrow--Saturday, November 7th--from 9AM to 2PM next to Panther Creek Baptist Church.

According to Kelli Rae, last year's turnout was huge and with the weather as good as it gets for November, it could be an even bigger event this year.

The address for Crafty Christmas is 7166 U.S. Highway 431.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has been looking for ways to do things outdoors and Kelli Rae hit the jackpot this year.

Kelli Rae Chapman/Facebook
Kelli Rae Chapman/Facebook

So while the event will be outside, social distancing guidelines will be in place as visitors check out crafts from local artists. By the way, all items are hand-made. Food trucks will also be on hand.

Kelli Rae told us that she's been shows with her family for 34 years...and she's only 38. THAT is impressive.

The admission is free and the location is three miles past Sam's on the right. And despite the fact the temperature will be pushing 80, it will DEFINITELY begin to look a lot like Christmas.

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