According to the Huffington Post, last Friday, Crayola announced it would be retiring a color from the 24 count box.  Which one will it be?  I sure hope it's not Cerulean!The company has not released which color will go, they are giving hints and asking customers to give their own opinions.

 Crayola is retiring a crayon color

Here is mine, but first I have a few questions I need to be answered!  Are they replacing the color with another one?   If so, which color will it be and if not will there only be 23 colors in the former 24 count box?  Maybe this doesn't matter to you but I and my OCD tendencies are in major overdrive currently!

So which color will it be?  What color would you get rid of?  I personally think yellow-green and green-yellow could be combined but then what?

What's your opinion?  Or do you even care?!



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