HUGE congrats to Ohio County High School student, Dakota Hayden. Moments ago he was crowned the winner of the entire singing competition. We are so excited for this talented singer-songwriter.

Dakota Hayden Music
Dakota Hayden Music

Dakota Hayden competed in this season of "Shine" and not only made it to the final showdown, but he WON the whole thing. We're so proud of him and his journey on this wonderful YouTube competition. A competition based on writing, music and talent.

Here's the winning moment!

The judges see what we've always known. Dakota just has what it takes to make it in the business.

You can binge watch the entire "Shine" web series HERE.

You can see Dakota take the stage at Denim and Diamonds, WBKR's annual concert fundraiser for St. Jude, this Friday, January 31st, 2020.

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