Folks who say there isn't anything to do in Owensboro just aren't looking hard enough! Even though Owensboro is small compared to Louisville, Lexington, or even across the river in Evansville, we are lucky to have some amazing entertainment and dining experiences. You'll find a lot of them are also locally-owned which is a plus in my book!

If you are looking for ways to spice things up with your spouse, look no further. Here are twenty fun, interesting, and creative ideas to spend quality time with them and maybe try something new together. Some of these are perfect for a night out or even a day date.

1. Joys Cooking Classes and More

Have fun learning how to cook an interesting and delicious meal without getting your own kitchen dirty. Make friends with other couples or plan a private party for you and your friends.

2. Wonder Whip & Consumer Mall

Grab a couple of Wonder burgers and Dole Whips before strolling the booths at the Consumer Mall. Both locally owned businesses are out Hwy 60 so you can easily take a trip down memory lane. It's so much fun looking for treasures like old toys, records, and pop culture memorabilia.

3. Green River Distillery

Tour one of Kentucky's Bourbon Trail stops right in Owensboro.  Bourbon connoisseurs rave about the "Whiskey Without the Headache" and it's really cool seeing, smelling, tasting, and learning about how it is made. They schedule lots of fun events and parties to enjoy the distillery which you can find on their Facebook page. 

4. The Creme Coffee Flight

If you love coffee drinks, The Creme in Downtown Owensboro offers a "coffee flight" where you can try several of their yummy flavored concoctions.  Enjoy the interesting atmosphere inside the shop or on the back patio before taking a stroll along the riverfront.

5. See a Play or Musical by a Local Theatre Group

For being such a small city, Owensboro is lucky to have quite a few community, college, and even high school theatre troupes that produce quality shows. Follow Encore Musicals, Theatre Workshop of Owensboro, Bluegrass Community Theatre, Oak Island at OCTC, and Kentucky Wesleyan College, to see their upcoming show schedules.


6. Doggy Play Date at SparKy or Daviess County Animal Shelter


Saving Paws Animal Rescue and the Daviess County Animal Shelter will let you take a pup out for a play date. Do a good deed together by breaking a fur baby out of their kennel to play outside, walk a trail at a park nearby, and get a treat before taking them back. If you can't adopt, this is a great way to help and enjoy some cuteness.

7. Brew Bridge, Escape Room, Ax Throwing, Arcade

You may be familiar with the restaurant and brewery, Brew Bridge downtown on 2nd street, but did you know they have a "funhouse" next door? With an escape room, Ax throwing room, and an old-school arcade, you can spend the day solving mysteries and kicking each other's booties playing Galaga and Ms. Pacman. After a good burger, tots, and beer on the patio, of course. They also have evenings with live music, karaoke, games, and more.

8. Krobar & Grocery Shopping

If you find yourselves in a busy season of life and need to multi-task while spending time together, grab a beer and try some cheese at the Wesleyan Park Plaza "Krobar." Right past the produce and across from the deli is the glorious cheese section of Kroger with a bar where you can have a pint before doing your shopping.


9. Integrated Therapy Solutions

The couple that hydrates together, stays together.  Hook up to personalized IV cocktails in the Drip Lounge, or relax in the infrared sauna together.  You'll leave refreshed and feeling your best selves.  They also offer stretching sessions that work out those aches and pains and help increase flexibility. Wink! Wink!

10. Holiday Drive-In REO

It's over the Blue Bridge and only open in the warmer months, but seeing a movie at the Drive-In has been a go-to date night for decades! Last year they showed some classic movies which were fun to see on the big screen again. Make a cozy nest in the back of a pick-up truck and snuggle under the stars. Or get a huge bucket of popcorn and a couple of the best corndogs you'll find in the area.

11. LHF Horserides LLC, aka Little Hickory Farm

Book a guided trail ride on horses on a beautiful Kentucky farm out in Philpot. I couldn't find a Facebook for these folks, but you can give them a call at 270-314-4032

12. Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Have fun riding the rides, drinking unlimited Pepsi, and floating down the Lazy River holding hands! Nothing says "love" like screaming your heads off on the Thunderbird together!

13. Daviess County Public Library

Our library isn't like other libraries. It's a cool library. Seriously, they are always having live music and fun programming events like jigsaw puzzle night, board game night, and true crime night. Not to mention, it's all free! I also think it would be cute to go and pick out a book for each other.

14. Brasher's Bloody Mary/Mimosa Bar & Live Music

The bloody mary/mimosa bar is a huge hit on Sundays along with popular live performers like the Dueling Pianos. Throughout the rest of the week, you can find local and regional singers and bands playing country or Americana classics to dance the night away or chill and people-watch.


15. Biscuit House Brunch & Bowling

The Windy Hollow Biscuit House in Wesleyan Park Plaza is my favorite place for brunch. The food is delicious, the service crew is great and they now have live music on Saturdays to go along with that amazing country ham buffet. Follow it up with some bowling and you've got a fun day date.

16. Pamir Afghan Cuisine

Windy Hollow Biscuit House serves up the down-home favorites during the day, and at night serves as an authentic Afghan restaurant. Owned and operated by refugees relocated to the area, you will not be disappointed by the flavorful dishes offered either from the menu or try a little of everything on the buffet. They even have live traditional music which is so cool.

17. Riverpark Center & Stroll

The Riverpark Performing Arts Center brings in traveling acts from all over the world. Grammy Award-winning musicians, incredible tribute acts, and Broadway musicals offer something for everyone and the Owensboro Symphony always impresses. Get all dressed up and enjoy an entertaining live performance to remember.

18. Play Frisbee Golf

Daviess County has several Disc or Frisbee Golf courses in the area and it's exactly what you'd think. You toss a frisbee and try to make it into the designated basket.  A lot of courses have 18 "holes" like regular golf and there are four local courses that I know of. Two at Yellow Creek Park, Panther Creek Park, and Kentucky Wesleyan College.

19. Western Kentucky Botanical Garden

Down on Second Street by Thompsonberry Soccer Fields, this gem is absolutely gorgeous when the flowers are in bloom. Entry is based on the honor system with a requested per-person donation and they also have some really fun and creative events when the weather is nice.

20. Niko's & Owensboro Museum of Fine Art

Did you know Owensboro has an art museum? It's right on the corner of Frederica and 9th Street, and houses work by Kentucky artists and both temporary and permanent exhibits. Enjoy a casual lunch at Niko's Bakery beforehand or a nice dinner at Niko's Italian Cuisine after, depending on whichever vibe you are feeling.

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