Music has a way of healing and bringing people together. At the moment, Shaun Winstead of Owensboro needs some healing. He has been fighting cancer for the past few months at Vanderbilt. This week, he came home to the Heartford House. Shaun's daughter Taylor played with the Music Enrichment Volunteers and it's beautiful.

"Tears filled our eyes this afternoon as a precious little girl by the name of Taylor joined our Music Enrichment volunteers at the Heartford House to share a beautiful melody with her family. Her dad, Shaun Winstead is being cared for by Hospice of Western Kentucky. Thank you for sharing this special moment with us Taylor. Oh, how sweet the sound. ❤️" from Hospice of Western Kentucky's Facebook page.

Taylor's mom Amber works in sales with us at the radio station. She and I were hired around the same time. We are family at the station and our individual families are at times just as close with our radio family. Amber, Shaun, and Taylor are part of our family. We are lifting them up as they go through this time of comfort and healing.

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