Recently, I noticed that I have well over 600 pictures on my phone. So I decided, "Hey, I'll share 'em with the folks." And I said it just like that, with air quotes and everything. Anyway, some pictures paint a thousand words. Some paint no words because I have no recollection of taking the picture. Which is actually kind of fun, because you make up your own story. But I do remember  #'s 40 and 273.  My jaunt through the midwest in 2009 too me through Metropolis, Illinois. Now, many have likely been to Metropolis for the casino. But I'm a lousy gambler, so when I made the pit stop, I was more interested in Metropolis's OTHER attraction. Downtown Metropolis completely immerses itself in Superman mania--Super-mania, if you will. I mean, after all, who is the most famous resident of fictional Metropolis. You got it. They have the big Superman statue in the town square, a gift shop, a museum, and some kind of Superman-related theme attached to every business in town. Now, when I was there in '09, I missed my Lois Lane sighting, so back I went last summer. Sure enough, a couple of blocks down from Supes is a bronze statue of Ms. Lane herself. I got my picture taken with her, as you can see. What you can't see is my skin fusing to the statue. It was a really hot day and I bet Lois was about 160 degrees. I'm not exactly fond of my arm being cooked to medium rare. But it was fun, nonetheless. I just hope Superman doesn't see the picture. Dude could roll me with his earlobes.

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