5 Ways to Make Your Stay-cation Better
As March begins to wrap up, there’s only one thing stuck on everyone’s mind: spring break. Soon, Owensboro’s population will be migrating to Florida, indulging in sunny skies and ocean tides- unless you’re stuck in town for the week. Never fret, there’s more to do …
Well, I'm back! Oh my word, I have to take more vacations more often. What you are about to see is a series of photos of my time in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. I was speechless.
The title is out of total respect and love for my friends who are seasoned travelers. Well, here I am, almost two days away from flying for the first time and I'm actually feeling fine. Now that may change once I go to board, but for now, I'm calm and I'm excited.
Traverse City, Michigan Vacation
Great wineries, camping, miles of lakes with sandy beaches, golf, cherries, amazing food and loads of family fun await you when you travel North on vacation and visit Traverse City, Michigan! It just so happens to be my hometown.
Boys Will Be Boys
I'm not sure why I thought I might get to rest while I was on vacation but it didn't happen!  My second day off I get a call from my boys dad asking me to come get our middle son because he needs to go to the hospital.  This is what happened!
You Can Go To ARUBA Like Tad [Photos]
Here at WBKR, we have teamed up with Canary Outdoor Power Equipment in Cannelton, Indiana to give you a chance to win an exotic vacation.  And here's the really cool thing about the contest . . . if you win, you get to choose where you're going.  And, we give you five destinations to choose from:  L…

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