Okay. Now that I've wrapped up the silliness. It's time to get down to serious business with the 2014 NCAA Tournament. (But, you know, I probably should fill out a bracket based on that silliness and see how well it does.)

Nope, this the serious bracket, the one I'm entering in all the contests. So, based on my track record, the Final Four teams I've chosen don't have a prayer.

In the South Region, I just think Florida has everything going for them defensively and offensively. Their defense is the better of the two, but they play so smart that it take care of any issues that might arise with the offense. Plus, there are four seniors on that team who played in the last three Elite Eights. They are hungry.

In the West Region, one that might be considered wide open based on 1-seed Arizona's losses all coming toward the end of the season AND the fact that the desert Wildcats are without a key offensive component in Brandon Ashley, I still like Zona to advance to the Final Four. Had other teams shown up in the West, I might think differently. But as is, Arizona's the best team here, by far, and will defend its way to the Final Four.

In the Midwest Region, the most loaded of the four, the 34-0 Wichita State Shockers are the top seed and will be under enormous pressure to NOT bail out early. Most analysts think they're paper tigers because of the schedule they've played. But they played the teams that would agree to play them and their conference, the Missouri Valley, just wasn't that strong. So these guys will get past the first couple of rounds and lock horns, once again, with red-hot Louisville. And then an historic Wichita State season will come to a close, and Louisville will ride a new-found blazing hot energy into, not just the Final Four, but the championship game.

And finally, in the East Region, we have a 1-seed, Virginia, that didn't even make the tournament last year. Yes, they've earned their place in the sun, but that lack of experience probably won't get them past Michigan State in the Sweet Sixteen. And the Spartans, now fully loaded with everyone healthy, will cut through the East, beat Florida in the Final Four and top Louisville in the championship. Michigan State will cut down the nets after winning the program's third title.

Now, as I've said, I probably have this all wrong. This is just based on what I've seen. When we get to the real Sweet Sixteen, I'll reset my picks.

Here's my bracket:


Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer


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