I suppose weighing north of 300 pounds would be fine if I were in the NFL. But...I'm not in the NFL. I'm in the WBKR. So, it's past time to take advantage of the training expertise of our good friend Corey Gant at the Athenian.

I've just been forgetting to set up an appointment and get this thing going, so I'd do it on my own...and very rarely. And because of that, I was doing everything--the weights, the cardio equipment--completely wrong.

That's when I bought a cheap exercise bike at Good Will and started walking. But that's not enough. Corey's available, and it's plenty important enough for me to carve out the time.

Now, to be honest, recent doctor's visits have given me nothing but good news. EKG, chest x-ray, blood pressure...all good. But, I have osteo-arthritis in my right knee, and dropping the weight just makes sense.

So, head's up, eyes forward and keep that chest out.

And God help me when we get to the kettle bell squats.