During a ceremony at Daviess County High School, senior Kyle Casey was honored for his bravery during the fire that engulfed Building B at the Royal Arms apartment complex on April 9th.

Casey happened to drive by and saw the blaze then quickly rushed to the aid of fire fighters, first responders, and Royal Arms staff and did whatever he needed to do.

Tuesday, Kyle received the Meritorious Achievement Award at the annual DCHS JROTC awards presentation.

I spoke with Lieutenant Commander Stephen White, U.S. Navy (retired), a JROTC instructor at Daviess County, who told me that the Meritorious Achievement Award is the highest Navy JROTC award you can receive.

LCDR White said that a cadet has to have done something extraordinary--an act of heroism, for example--in order to qualify.

Kyle Casey's quick decision to lend his assistance in a time of crisis during a fire certainly does qualify, and so LCDR White submitted his name.

In 23 years as an instructor, LCDR White tells me he has only given this award six times and only TWICE at Daviess County High.

We send a BIG congratulations to Kyle Casey and feel very thankful we have someone like him in our presence.


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