It was quite something coming over that hill on Byers Avenue just after crossing Veach Road and seeing all that brown and dark gray smoke billowing northward away from Royal Arms Apartments.

The Sunday afternoon blaze did extensive damage to Building B of the complex.

I got as close as I could and got what video I could before the wind shifted and started blowing smoke right at me and others who were on the sidewalk across the street.

One young man, however, had a different vantage point and was able to get down in there and help folks get away from the fire.

14News-WFIE's Shaelie Clark tells the tale--via WAVE3 in Louisville--of Daviess County High School senior Kyle Casey who happened upon the scene and immediately jumped in to see what he could do.

He was helping the Red Cross and first responders. He was relaying whatever messages needed to be relayed.

He was basically at the disposal of anyone who needed him during an extraordinarily tense time.

He told WFIE that he's learned a lot from his Emergency Procedures class he takes at Daviess County.

And now, Kyle will be honored in a ceremony at 10AM on April 25th at Daviess County High School.

The folks at Royal Arms and those on the scene can be very thankful for Kyle who has set a tremendous example for all of us.



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