It starts when you walk into the big box store or supermarket of your choice and there it is...the seasonal aisle is loaded up with school supplies.

Gone are the patriotic cups, trays, and lawn chairs--the bunting a distant memory. There are no more lemonade pitchers and patio sets. It's like summer ends in JULY.


Well, summer actually won't end until Friday, September 23rd, nearly a month and a half after the kids return to school on August 10th. By that time, students will have already had a holiday off. And Daviess County Public School students will also have the 23rd off as well. It's a professional day. I think that's what we used to call an in-service day.

Fall break is set for October 10th through the 14th, and I'd imagine vacation plans are already in the works. Look out beaches, here they come. Me, personally? If it's October, I'd be thinking mountains, water, and foliage. But I don't have a fall break unless I make one for myself.

The kids will be out of school on November 8th for Election Day and November 23-25 for Thanksgiving break.

Christmas break ends on New Year's Day, but that's a Sunday, so the teachers will get a professional day on January 2nd and then everybody returns for 2023. Yes, it's weird to talk this much about 2023 already, but we ARE in the second half of 2022.

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Speaking of second halves...well, ALL halves, in fact, make a copy of this and put it on your refrigerator.

Daviess County Public Schools
Daviess County Public Schools

Additionally, it has been suggested that parents not schedule vacations that might coincide with listed dates intended for make-up days, just in case such days ARE necessary.


"Back to school" is everywhere in July. When I was a kid, we got ready for school about week beforehand. That was in August. I actually kind of WISH we'd had all the activities back then that are available now. Stuff the Bus leaps immediately to mind.

attachment-stuff the bus

And, by the way, I can't stress enough that MONETARY donations will also be accepted at Stuff the Bus.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, kids, and have a great school year.

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