I did not know this.  Well, until recently.  But Hot Pockets are made right here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  They're made at a Nestle plant in Mount Sterling, where they have been made since way back in 1993.  Until just a few years ago, Hot Pockets were also made at a plant in California, but the company consolidated production in 2014 and Kentucky is now the sole production site!  In 2019, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell even bragged about it on the Senate floor.  He said, "Every single Hot Pocket is cooked in Mount Sterling, Kentucky. Again, who knew?

Here's one of the original Hot Pockets commercials:

My all-time favorite flavor? Pepperoni Pizza! However, when I was in college and Hot Pockets, along with Ramen Noodles, were a go-to and affordable dorm food, I could put back some Ham and Cheddar Hot Pockets too.

Well, here's a thought?  Have you ever thought about making homemade Hot Pockets?

I stumbled across a great home cook, Brenda Gantt, on Facebook a few weeks ago.  In a recent episode of her social media cooking show, she shared her recipe for "Hot Pockets" that she made right in her own kitchen.

She uses homemade biscuit dough, hamburger meat, sausage and mushrooms.  Take a look!

See, even Brenda knows that pizza sauce is the way to go.  Even though she didn't have any on hand, she knows that the ultimate Hot Pocket is a "pizza" pocket.  And I am with her, all the way.  As a matter of fact, I can't wait to try her homemade recipe.  Pretty soon, we're going to be adding the west side of Owensboro to the places in Kentucky that Hot Pockets are made.

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