I eat plant-based butter because I'm a little dairy-sensitive; I have to take a supplement before eating ice cream. That's right; I can live without regular milk but not ice cream.

Anyway, Country Crock has a line of plant-based butters, but the best one is no longer available anywhere in this town. I've looked elsewhere, too, for the almond-based butter, but to no avail. And it was so good. It added lots of flavor.

I won't pretend almond-based butter makes it onto everyone's list of favorites, but these items might. And if they have in the past, don't pencil them in this year, because you won't find them.

Raspberry Rally Girl Scout Cookies

First of all, if Girl Scout Cookies were available on store shelves, I'd be in trouble. But no, just like you, I'm only able to buy them when the scouts have their tables set up outside of grocery stores. However, in 2024, one such cookie will not be available. Yes, we bid a fond farewell to this short-lived but delicious treat:

No, it's not one of the iconic varieties, but it was SO good. It helps being a big fan of raspberries.

Maple Cheerios

Honestly, I just had these for the first time back in November. Then I stopped seeing them on the shelves of any of the supermarkets I visit regularly. Apparently, this ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS breakfast cereal got a head start on its disappearing act. (The review begins at about the 2:00 mark.)

And if you DID watch the whole thing, I agree with him about the Blueberry Cheerios. But those are still around. Whatever.

Jalapeno and Honey Mustard Pringles

Gotta be honest...I'm not a big Pringle eater, and when I do indulge, I just go for the original. I'll never miss either one of these. In fact, for me, honey mustard is a NASTY flavor for a potato chip.


Alright, you specialty coffee lovers, this one's for you. Well, I guess this one ISN'T for you, at least not anymore. You'll have to pick something else out at Dunkin' going forward. What will this Hollywood icon do instead?

Trader Joe's Minty Mallows

This has no affect on me at all. The closest Trader Joe's is more than 100 miles away in Louisville, so I've never had a Minty Mallow. Never even heard of them. They DO sound quite good, though, so I'm sure they have a fan base. (They LOOK pretty good, too.)

Somebody, somewhere is probably lamenting the decision to discontinue the above items, but I'm sure we'll all soldier on.

I sure will miss those raspberry Girl Scout Cookies, though.

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