It's National Donut Day and I am celebrating with a look back at one of the most delicious bakeries in the history of Owensboro, KY! Do you remember Dixie Cream Donuts?

My friend and coworker Dave Spencer certainly does. He shared a memory recently about his grandfather stopping by Dixie Cream and "snagging a box of 'day-olds' on his way home from church."

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Dixie Cream was located at 5th and Crabtree here in town and was incredibly popular. Here's a vintage newspaper ad from the store. It was shared recently in a thread on the History of Owensboro Facebook page.

Mike Crabtree/History of Owensboro
Mike Crabtree/History of Owensboro
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Believe it or not, there still seem to be a couple of Dixie Cream Donuts locations. But, don't get too excited. For one, it's hard to tell if the current Dixie Cream has direct ties to the one that used to be here in town. I will say that today's logo looks identical to the one in the newspaper ad. Secondly, the remaining locations are in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Uh, that's a long way to travel just to get some of those amazing glazed donuts.

But here's a glimmer of hope. Those locations in the Middle East are the only ones listed on the company's official website. However, it seems there may be a Dixie Cream Donuts location in West Frankfort, Illinois. Their sign looks just like the one in Owensboro did!

The reason I'm on the prowl for them is simple. Dixie Cream Donuts was/is SO good. The fans who chimed in on the History of Owensboro Facebook feed agree. Here's a tasty sample of what people had to say about Dixie Cream!

Alan- Loved me some Dixie Cream donuts!

Karen- Loved Dixie Cream! Their Chocolate iced cake doughnuts were so good too!

Susan- Best donuts ever!

Beth- My parents had a small grocery store in W 4th St. Dixie Cream delivered hot donuts daily! Amazing that I didn't have a sugar stroke!!!

Deniese- Breakfast of champions... Warm Dixie Cream chocolate long john and and a grape Nehi. Misspent youth.

I probably misspent some of my youth at Dixie Cream too. I'm not sure when it finally closed. I know it's been decades ago. But I still remember the smell and the taste of those donuts. It's making me really appreciate National Donut Day.

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