A few weeks ago, to celebrate National Donut Day, we conducted a little informal poll here at WBKR.com.  We asked, "Who has the best donuts in the tristate?"  And the winner, hands down, was J & H Bakery in Greenville. J & H snagged over 50% of the vote in a VERY crowded and storied field.  And, we've since learned a lot about this Muhlenberg County bakery and its rich, 35-year history.

In April of this year, Jenni and Alan Hale purchased J & H Bakery from Alan's parents, Jerry and Hilda Hale, who had owned and operated the bakery for the last three and a half decades. And for the last 35 years, the family has been serving up delicious donuts, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, breads and more!  Earlier this week, Jenni dropped off some goodies to the WBKR studios.


Those sugar cookies were INSANE!  And take a look at these donuts!  Yep!  That's a sample of the donuts that won J & H Bakery the top honors in WBKR's recent Best Donut poll.


And devoted customers of J & H simply rave about the bakery on social media.  Check out a few of the recent reviews posted to their Facebook page.

Jessie Blunk wrote: The best bakery around. We got our wedding cake there in 2015 and it was delicious and beautiful. We saved the top layer for our 1 year anniversary and usually people say that after the year it doesn't taste so good. So I wasn't sure what to expect. But it was still just as good even after a year. We also got cookies made for the wedding and those were so good. Thank You!!!

Melissa Langley: Love their cakes, sugar cookies, and donuts! Awesome shop!

Krystal Fulkerson: I love the doughnuts!  The taste really screams "homemade," I have friends and family out of town and when they come in we always get doughnuts from there. The first time they try them they were hooked.

Mark Spain shared this: Best donuts I've ever had!

and Amy Stewart echoed what 50% of our voters said:  Best donuts ever!! No one else even comes close.

J & H Bakery is located at 408 North Main Street in Greenville, Kentucky.  They are open Monday through Friday from 6am to 4pm and Saturdays from 6am to Noon.