Why on Earth someone like me doesn't know about a legend like this that originated not too far away in the Kentucky Lake area is beyond me.

It's a town no longer on any map called Elsewhere, Kentucky.

The legend involves a teacher in the 1930s who poisoned her students, save one.

Only in Your State also states that, according to the legend, folks who've entered the old schoolhouse where the crime happened disappeared.

And, apparently, it can't be seen via Google Maps, either, due to what the narrator in the video below describes as some sort of "scrubbing."

How CREEPY is that?!? I have to to find this place, difficult as it may be.

I can't let a good, unsettling ghost story continue to unfold just a few counties away from me without investigating.

By the way, you can read the entire story for yourself at ThoughtCatalog.com.

Oh, and make sure you read it LATE at night with the lights low. It's really the best way, don't you think?

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