All winter long, we've been experiencing above average temperatures WAY more than average or below average temperatures. The winter haters have enjoyed something of a seventh heaven.

What's been unusual about these warm spikes has been the lack of severe weather to accompany them.

We've all had that sinking feeling when we walk out the front door on a winter morning and immediately realize it's much warmer than it should be.

But until yesterday, those periods of warm winter weather had not ended the way we've come to expect in the Ohio Valley.

Warm gulf moisture--which had been absent during previous severe weather threats that went nowhere--was very present this time around and rose up into the midwest ahead of a huge cold front that was sweeping in from the Northwest.

Consequently, most of the tri-state--not to mention large portions of Missouri and northern Illinois, Tennessee and Ohio--was under a moderate risk for severe weather.

That's never good news.

As a result of the volatile combination of moisture and contrasting temperatures, 22 tornadoes tore through five states.

Sadly, with these storms THIS time, there was more than extensive property damage to report.

Three people were killed in the storms--one in Missouri and two in Illinois, including in nearby Crossville.

We'd gone all winter dodging these severe weather bullets.

This time around, that wasn't to be the case.

Check out this amazing footage recorded by Stephen Pitts and posted on the ABC News Twitter page:


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