So, I was watching television the other night and my cat, Oprah, was sitting on the back of the armchair like usual.  But, then, she started to do something rather UNUSUAL!


Does your cat do this?   Start licking you like you're a paw or a kitten?  And why on Earth do they do it?

According to an article I found on Animal Planet's website, licking is comforting to a cat.  Okay, I get it.  But it's just a little weird to be watching TV and feel a cat tongue roll out on the top of your head.  And, in the event this has never happened to you . . . cat tongues feel like sandpaper. And, it kinda creeps me out  I mean, I appreciate the affection.  But my hair is thinning quickly enough.  I don't need Oprah ingesting it then hacking up a fur ball with my DNA in it.

The same article, thankfully, suggests that there are ways to curb the behavior.  In fact, I'm apparently supposed to spritz myself with lemon and Oprah will stop.  It seems that cats hate lemon.  Who knew?   I suppose it's worth trying but there's one problem.  Lemon juice is acidic.  And if I spray that on my skin, my flesh is going to melt away like I've developed leprosy.

So, now what?

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