UPDATE ON FRIDAY, JUNE 23RD: Oscar was last seen in Trinity Hills Subdivision last night. The person even reported she was sure it was him, as he had a blue collar on.

Nothing would be worse than having your pet go missing while you're off enjoying vacation. The Ulmer family is living that nightmare. While the family vacationed at the beach, Oscar ran away from his pet sitter, and he's still missing. They need our help to bring their furbaby back home where he belongs. He was last seen on Fairview Drive in Owensboro. Let's make him famous so he'll be found!

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While traveling on vacation, I worry about my pup. Is she happy? Is she safe? Coco is my world, and I'd be devastated if anything happened to her. If you have a pet, you understand how I feel. It's normal to worry about how they're doing when you’re away. You want to choose what is safest and most comfortable for your pet. You want to know your dog is in great hands with a sitter, but accidents can happen. The Ulmer family knows this all too well.

Ulmer Family/Canva
Ulmer Family/Canva


The Ulmer family are huge dog lovers. They also like to take beach vacations. Recently those two worlds collided when Oscar decided to take an adventure. He set off on his travels on June 11th, 2023, by Kenergy on Fairview Drive in Owensboro. His family is beyond devastated and wants him home. They are offering a $200 reward for his safe return. Oscar is a 20-month-old cockapoo. This morning I talked to his mom Sheila, and she said he's feisty. Oscar was glued to her hip. They were best buds. When Sheila and her family left for vacation, Oscar went looking for her. The pet sitter is amazing and always takes care of the family's pets, but this time he slipped away. The entire community has been looking for Oscar ever since.

I am so concerned about this poor baby... I have been praying. - Tanya McIntosh Hall

I just pray he comes home soon!!! - Sheila Ambs

So sorry, Praying he will be found soon. - Brenda Cusick

Praying for the safe return of Oscar! My daughter and I have looked for him a few times. I have high hopes for him. Our little one was a street dog for a year before we had him! He made it. I just hope no one has taken him.
- Susie Henderson-Aud

Ulmer Family/Canva
Ulmer Family/Canva


Oscar is in flight mode and will run when approached. If you see him, contact the family at 270-993-4664 or 270-993-4553 to share his location. The police were called and they're looking out as well. His last known whereabouts were Friday evening (June 16th) around the Greenbelt, by Horse Fork Soccer Complex. He ran from her but it gives his family some hope. He could be anywhere by now. Hopefully safe and home soon!

This little fella is so cute. I’m so sad he is missing. I know it’s breaking your heart. - Patty Tanner

Joe and I have both driven around looking, so sorry. - Linda Feldpausch

He’s gotta be out there somewhere!! We will find him!! - Emily Richeson

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Ulmer Family
Ulmer Family


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