Say what you will about Dollar General Stores--and many have, particularly in Wisconsin--but their placement in rural communities and, well, out in the middle of nowhere, essentially, has long been a boon to convenience. They've cornered the market on "quick trips to the store."

I have one near me; I bet you do, too. I do not, however, have a Dollar Tree or a Family Dollar close by. They just don't dot the American landscape like their bigger brother. But they have an audience; Dollar Tree, in particular, is HUGE here in Owensboro, which has three locations.

Dollar Tree Announces Store Closures

However, recent news might shake up the Family Dollar fanbase, as we have learned that Dollar Tree--Family Dollar's parent company--plans to close 1,000 locations. There will be multiple closures in 2024 with more to follow in subsequent years. Thirty Dollar Tree stores are also targeted for shuttering.

According to CNN, issues with mismanagement have plagued the Family Dollar chain for years. Poor conditions were also cited as a reason, and a well-publicized fine clocking in north of $40 million must have made matters worse. If that IS the case, it's easy to see why:

How Will the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Closures Happen?

The staggered shutdowns will begin this year with 600 Family Dollars going by the wayside and 370 in the years to come. And when their leases expire, those 30 Dollar Trees will also close their doors.

Sadly this is nothing new for the Family Dollar chain:

Despite recent renovations in thousands of Family Dollar stores, a majority of them were still poorly maintained.

In the meantime, Dollar General continues to thrive, opening around 1,000 stores a year.

There is no word yet on which Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores will be closed.

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