Don't think for one minute that the absence of an officially designated federal holiday means your favorite store will be open on the day in question. Corporate retail can do whatever it wants, and it usually wants its employees to enjoy a day off on Easter Sunday.

For the longest time, because we used to get Good Friday off several years ago, I thought THAT was a federal holiday. It is not, but it can be a state holiday. Either way, nobody HAS to close their doors on Easter, but it's nice that they do.

And before these places close, you better stock up on Easter prerequisites like:

- Easter grass
- Paper plates
- Deviled egg ingredients
- Chocolate
- Ham
- Fresh flowers
- Pastel anything and everything

Closed on Easter Sunday

By the time the following stores--with locations in Kentucky--reopen on Monday, all that stuff will be available at a serious discount and shelves will be loaded with either Mother's Day or Graduation Day items or both. But on Easter Sunday, don't come knockin' at these fine establishments:

- Targetyou’ll be OFF target if you visit this big box Sunday
- Lowe’sstay home that day; it will improve itself
- Michaelsbetter get all your Easter crafts finished early
- Macy’sif you don’t have your Easter threads by Sunday, it’s too late
- Marshallsnot all of these will be closed; call ahead first
- Staplesdo you REALLY need that office chair that day?
- Sam’s Clubrefer to the next list if you didn’t get all the paper plates you’ll need
- Burlington(see Macy’s above)
- Best Buyfingers crossed that your Fire Stick doesn’t go toe up Sunday
- True Valueseriously, fixing the hinge on that cabinet can wait
- T.J. Maxxlooking for great discounts? Look Monday

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Open on Easter Sunday

Finally, if you NEED something to be open, these stores will be open and ready to serve:

- Rite Aid & Walgreenswill follow normal operating hours
- CVSsome locations may operate with limited hours; check here if you’re not sure
- Home Depot8 AM to 6 PM
- Dollar Generalnormal operating hours
- PetSmartopen, yes, but hours may vary from store to store
- Krogerhours may vary from location to location; check here first
- Meijerregular business hours
- Walmartregular business hours including the pharmacy

Happy Easter, and if you run out of Easter eggs or forget where you hid them, you now know where you can run and get more...and where you can't.

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